List of Episodes

  • Farewell

    As Frank Herbert said «There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.»

  • Episode #06: Grid Layout, Sass properties nesting, SVG paths with CSS, Emoji silhouettes/outlines, will-change bug

    Episode #06 goes back to basics and reviews a bit of everything, from the CSS Grid Layout module turning into a Candidate Recommendation, passing through Sass propertis nesting, SVG paths with CSS, emoji silhouettes and outlines, and ending with an article about the will-change bug introduced in Chrome 53

  • Episode #05: CSSconf Argentina

    Episode #05 recaps the whole CSSconf Argentina event that took place on August 7 2016, at the Escuela Superior de Comercio Carlos Pellegrini.

  • Episode #04: Redesign, Underlines, Data, and Tools

    Episode #04 checks on the current state of Google Fonts, and build tools like Grunt or Gulp. Some discussions about native underlining versus techniques may come up on the way. Oh yeah, an opinion around inputting real data into your designs was also brought up.

  • Episode #03: Product Design with Catalina from The Purple Bunny

    Episode #03 has the pleasure to have Catalina De León Belloc as a co-host. #03 reviews 2 articles: the first one is Invision's 2016 Product Design Industry Report which talks about Product Design and its current trends and stats. The second article was written by Jeffrey Zeldman and its main subject are front-end development departments and how a front-end director position can help us write better code

  • Episode #02: Automation, styling, and state

    Episode #02 talks a bit about everything. It jumps from subjects like environment creation and automation using Vagrant, states of a design, styling the `pre` tag using CSS, and how the `z-index` property affects a flexbox layout.

  • Episode #01: Introductions

    Hello world! Welcome to the first episode of Show and Learn, a podcast/screencast series about all things front-end with a bit of design sprinkled on top. In this initial delivery we do some introductions and set the base of what we're going to talk about throughout the series.

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